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Lotus Cathedral

The Lightraye System

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The Lightraye System
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"If you always speak of your troubles, you will always have troubles to speak of."

"Don’t hold onto the point that you have something to overcome, because you’ll always have something to overcome if you do that... do not believe that there’s anything that you have to overcome for you’ll spend eternity overcoming. There is nothing that exists that you have to overcome."

"You tell yourself you aren’t something or that you can’t be something and you know what? it will eventually become true. You have to decide who you are and what you can do, then go after what you want. Because believe me, no one is going to give it to you."

This is an ACTIVE JOURNAL AND ARCHIVE for every single online journal leading up to and following the formation of the Lightraye System, as well as all entries from offline sources. As a result it may contain previously unpublished material. All entries are organized by tags.
Entry authors vary wildly and are specified whenever that knowledge is available.

MAY 27 2001--> PRESENT


a wrinkle in time, alchemy, aliens, alternate dimensions, alternate realities, alters, altruism, angels, art, ascension, asexuality, awareness, being, bravery, carl jung, celebi, chaos 0, chaos zero, childhood, compassion, composing music, creation, creativity, daydreaming, did, digimon, discovery, dissociative identity disorder, drawing, dream worlds, dreaming, dreams, empathy, enlightenment, eyes, faith, forgiveness, frost*, gemstones, genesis, growth, guardians, headmates, headvoices, heart, hearts, his dark materials, homestuck, hope, imaginary friends, imagination, individuality, inner peace, inner worlds, inspiration, introspection, jewel monsters, joy, justice, kintsugi, klonoa, light, love, lucid dreaming, lucidity, madeleine l'engle, mercy, mesita, metta, mind-breaking questions, mindfulness, mister sandman, monsters, motivation, mpd, multiple personalities, multiple personality disorder, multiplicity, muses, music, mystery, mythology, nature, neutrois, nier, original characters, originality, other worlds, peace, people watching, philosophy, photography, platonic love, plural systems, pokemon, power jewels, proginoskes, progressive rock, psychology, puella magi madoka magica, purity, purpose, rain, razia's shadow, ryuichi sakamoto, sailor moon, scars, secrets, self-analysis, self-awareness, silence, snow, sonic, sonic the hedgehog, soulbonding, soulbonds, souls, soulscapes, spirit, spirit companions, spirituality, starfish principle, stars, stillness, symbolism, the old music, thought provoking discussions, todd rundgren, transcendence, tulpas, unanswerable questions, uniqueness, unity, voice acting, wabi-sabi, writing, yu-gi-oh

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